Shopping for a Vehicle Service Plan

  • Vehicle service plans provide protection beyond manufacturer's comprehensive and powertrain warranties. In addition to parts and labor coverage, these plans include benefits like roadside assistance, car rental, travel reimbursement and towing. Instead of footing the entire bill for an unexpected breakdown, vehicle service plans offer a range of deductibles, allowing you to determine how much you want to pay for repairs.

  • The plan’s coverage automatically adjusts to one of three coverage levels to match your current vehicle’s odometer. Starting on the day you purchase your Vehicle Service Contract, regardless of your vehicle’s mileage, you will be eligible for Roadside Assistance coverage. Then, beginning 30 days after the day you purchase your Vehicle Service Contract, you are eligible for coverage of covered mechanical claims as follows: 1) During your vehicle’s manufacturer's comprehensive warranty period, our Vehicle Care coverage is active. 2) When the manufacturer’s comprehensive warranty expires, CarmaCare changes to Platinum level coverage. 3) At 105,001 miles to 225,000 miles CarmaCare changes to Powertrain level coverage. See below for a coverage overview:

    Vehicle Care Coverage: Provides coverage during your vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty and 30 days after purchase. Vehicle Care provides coverage for many parts not covered by the factory that wear out, like brake pads, headlamps, belts and hoses, windshield wiper blades as well as unlimited fuse and light bulb replacement. You’ll also have Emergency Roadside Assistance, starting as soon as you sign up.

    BELTS AND HOSES – Covers the replacement of the engine belts and hoses including: vacuum pump belt, serpentine belt, power steering belt, alternator belt, supercharger belt, air intake recirculation pump belt, air conditioner belt, water pump belt, heater hose, bypass hose, throttle body hose, upper and lower radiator hoses, air conditioning hose, power steering pressure and return hose, air hose, washer hoses, vacuum hoses, and fuel hoses during the WARRANTY period.

    BRAKE PAD – Covers the replacement of one (1) set of front and rear brake pads/shoes during the WARRANTY period.

    BATTERY – Covers one (1) battery replacement during the WARRANTY period, or the difference between the manufacturer’s pro-rated reimbursement and the total cost of the battery during this period.

    HEADLAMP BULBS – Covers the unlimited replacement of the headlamps during the WARRANTY period (IMPACT DAMAGE NOT COVERED).

    WINDSHIELD WIPER BLADE – Covers the replacement of one (1) set of windshield wiper blades and/or inserts during the WARRANTY period.

    ELECTRICAL - Unlimited coverage of fuses, interior and exterior light bulbs including: turn signal bulbs, engine compartment lights, running lights, fog lights, stop lights, backup lights, license plate lights, parking lights, trunk light, dome light, courtesy light, visor light, map light and glove box light during the WARRANTY period.

    WHEEL ALIGNMENT – Covers one (1) wheel alignment during the WARRANTY period.

    Platinum Coverage: After the manufacturer’s comprehensive warranty expires through to 105,000 miles, this plan provides Platinum coverage. Once your warranty expires, we’ll cover virtually all electronic and mechanical components on your vehicle. You’ll also continue to get Emergency Roadside Assistance, starting as soon as you sign up. Platinum Level coverage includes any mechanical breakdown except for a short list of what's listed in the Exclusions from the Coverage and Limits of Liability sections of your vehicle service agreement.

    Powertrain Coverage: For when your vehicle is between 105,001 to 225,000 miles. In simple terms, Powertrain covers the parts of a car that provide power and make it move until you reach 225,000 miles, at which time your coverage will end. Powertrain Level coverage includes areas such as: engine and related parts, transmission, transaxle, transfer case, drive axle, and some hybrid and electric components.

    TRANSMISSION/TRANSAXLE/TRANSFER CASE: All internally lubricated parts contained within the transmission, transaxle and transfer case, plus the following: all internal fasteners, nuts and bolts; shift cover and forks; bell housing, components within the bell housing; torque converter; external valve bodies, control units and solenoids; seals and gaskets.

    DRIVE AXLE: All internally lubricated parts contained within the differential/axle housing(s), plus the following: cover; 4x4 locking hubs and electric or vacuum actuator; seals and gaskets.

    ENGINE: All internally lubricated parts contained within the engine, plus the following: intake manifold; exhaust manifolds; balance shaft; water pump; fuel pump, diesel injection pump, diesel oil controlled fuel injectors; thermostat; timing gears, chain or belt, and tensioner; oil pump; rotor housing, rotors, shims and silent shaft; all internal fasteners, nuts and bolts; turbocharger/supercharger assembly including boost valve, boost pressure control, wastegate, recirculation and blow off valve; seals and gaskets.

    ADDITIONAL HYBRID/PLUG-IN ELECTRIC/COMPRESSED NATURAL GAS/HYDROGEN COMPONENTS: Electric motor/generator(s) all internal components; inverter/converter/transformer units including all internal components and cover; continuously variable transmission and all internal components; power split device and all internal components; reduction/reducer box and all internal components; seals and gaskets.

  • Your Emergency Roadside Assistance coverage will start upon purchase. Your mechanical failure service contract will start 30 days after purchase and plan coverage will adjust to match your current vehicle’s odometer. Coverage will continue month to month until terminated by you or until your vehicle’s odometer exceeds 225,00 miles or 10 years, whichever occurs first.

  • No. Car insurance generally offers collision and liability protection. Our Vehicle Service Contracts can help you limit the cost of repairs of covered mechanical failures. When you have both, you're better prepared for the unexpected.

  • Getting an online quote is easy. Just provide the state where your vehicle is registered, VIN, and current mileage.

  • We'll show you what deductible options are available for your plan during the checkout process.

  • The plan does not cover any aftermarket modifications or alterations to the vehicle not recognized by the manufacturer. Aftermarket performance kits or systems are not covered

Buying a Vehicle Service Plan

  • CarmaCare proudly accepts VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover.

  • Yes, you can modify your payment type anytime by logging into your CarmaCare account.

  • Payments are made every month and there are no interest or financing charges from CarmaCare.

  • Yes, your plan can be cancelled at any time. To cancel or not to continue your Vehicle Service Contract, log in to your account and click Manage Payment then click Cancel plan or call CWS at 1-877-452-1091.

Using Your Vehicle Service Plan

  • You can send us an email at [email protected]


  • 24-hour Emergency Roadside Assistance Up to $100 per occurrence. Includes towing, battery jump start, fluid delivery, flat tire assistance and lock-out service.

  • Present your vehicle service agreement to the licensed repair facility of your choice before they begin repairs. This includes any licensed repair facility in the U.S or Canada such as dealer service centers, franchise repair centers and independent repair shops. Once your mechanic receives pre-authorization that your repair is covered they will proceed with service. When your service is complete, the plan administrator will then pay the repair shop directly, you simply pay your deductible and drive on.

  • Not every claim requires maintenance or service records. However, there are some maintenance or repair related claims that may require service records. We recommend you keep your maintenance and service records.

  • There is typically no limit to the number of claims that can be filed in a given coverage period. However, there are sometimes monetary value limitations when claims exceed a certain value. Consult your vehicle service agreement for more details.

  • Choose a $100 or $250 deductible when you purchase your plan. Deductibles are applicable on a per repair visit basis.

  • Your plan includes an alternative transportation reimbursement of up to $40 per day (10-day maximum) for a covered repair. Available on the first day of a repair. Alternate transportation coverage includes reimbursement for public transportation, rental car services or ridesharing services from a legal business entity.

  • Yes, all plans include emergency roadside assistance and towing benefits, up to $100 per occurrence. Includes towing, battery jump start, fluid delivery, flat tire assistance and lock-out service.